Our Firm

Founded in Miami Beach in 2009, Street Plans is an award-winning urban planning, design, and research/advocacy firm with offices in Miami and New York City. Our firm is known for advancing innovative practices to test and implement projects for a range of public, private, and non-profit clients. Through the publication of four open-source guides, and one full-length book published by Island Press, we have become the stewards of the international Tactical Urbanism movement. Our research and advocacy work has also given shape to topics including open streets, public market design, and public space stewardship.

Our core services are divided into three categories:

Planning + Design
Active Transportation
  • Comprehensive Bicycle + Pedestrian Master Plans
  • Bicycle Parking Plans (Including New York City Bicycle Access Plans)
  • Greenway, Path, and Trail Plans
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Network Audits
  • SmartCode Bicycle Module Calibration
Transportation Planning
  • Comprehensive Plan Transportation Elements
  • Street Design Standards
  • Street Network Planning + Design
Urban Design + Land Use Planning
  • Zoning Codes and Master Plans
  • Transit-Oriented Development
  • Neighborhood/Corridor/Community/Regional Master Plans
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments + Land Use Policies
  • Land Use + Zoning Code Analysis
  • Form-Based Codes
Architectural Design
  • Full Architectural Services
  • Building Design
  • Building Type Development
  • Development Standards
  • Architectural Standards
Tactical Urbanism
  • Lectures | Workshops | Trainings
  • Research + Best Practice Development
  • Demonstration Projects (one day to one week)
  • Pilot Projects (one month to one year)
  • Interim Design Projects (one year to five years)
  • Policy Development
  • Strategy + Advising
  • Metrics + Evaluation
Public Involvement
  • Meeting + Workshop Facilitation
  • Demonstration Projects
  • Project Branding and Communications
  • Project + Program Websites
  • Web-Based Community Planning + Engagement Tools
  • Event Planning | Marketing | Public Relations