Medellín Workshop: Inclusive Cities


More than 50 city mayors from 17 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain met in the city of Medellin, Colombia to exchange experiences and knowledge about social inclusion during three days. This annual meeting was part of the Sustainable Cities Initiative, a program led by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) that helps cities in Latin America and the Caribbean identify the challenges they face and find possible solutions.

From September 17 to 19, mayors, public officials, experts and directors of the IDB carried out presentations and discussions on urban security, social inclusion in neighborhoods, sustainable mobility, and effective and efficient fiscal management, viewed from the perspective of inclusion.

As part of this conference, Street Plans held a tactical urbanism workshop during which more than 50 mayors and 30 public officials from the Latin American region participated. The workshop focused on how tactical urbanism could enhance urban security, mobility and social inclusion in vulnerable neighborhoods.

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon Speaks at Placemaking Conference in Gloversville

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon spoke at the Placemaking 101 Conference, hosted by the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth, on April 18th in Gloversville, NY. Lydon gave a presentation about Tactical Urbanism’s role in placemaking and the overall power that small-scale, low-cost interventions can have in bringing people together and catalyzing long-term change.

Lydon says that “really small interventions and little changes add up to make a big difference in a community. It allows people to physically experience a different reality today, and showcase a more positive future that signals to a lot of people in that place that things are changing in a positive direction.”

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Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia Speaks at Georgia Walks Summit

Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia was a keynote speaker at the Georgia Walks Summit on March 15-16. The annual summit, hosted by a pedestrian advocacy group called PEDS, brings together state transportation and public health officials, elected officials, and community advocates to share ideas and projects for more walkable communities. 

Tony spoke about how Tactical Urbanism can be used to widen public engagement, test ideas, and more quickly implement projects that improve pedestrian safety.

A recent article talks about Tony’s keynote discussion: “Tactical urbanism, according to Garcia, creates wider public engagement, expedites the delivery of a public benefit, and allows people to see what alternatives look like. The approach permits cities to experiment with ideas before committing to infrastructure changes. Garcia said cities must understand that they must make adjustments and follow-ups as the effects of the project are documented.” 

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Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia Speaks at Safe Streets Summit

Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia recently gave a talk on February 2nd at the 5th Annual Safe Streets Summit–a conference coordinated by the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization, and the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency to push for Complete Streets throughout Southeast Florida. Tony spoke about Tactical Urbanism and how it has and can be used to more quickly implement Complete Streets. 

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Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon Speaks at Cornell

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon gave a talk to Cornell Planning Students, local planners, and government officials in Ithaca, NY last month about the Tactical Urbanism movement. The event was hosted by Cornell’s Department of City and Regional Planning. 

“Mike’s talk downtown really inspired folks working on the ground in Ithaca to consider using the tactical urbanism approach here,” said Thomas Knipe, Principal Planner for Tompkins County, NY. 

The Russell Van Nest Black Lectureship Fund and the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis cosponsored Lydon’s lecture.  

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Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon Speaks at Placemaking Week in Amsterdam

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon was a featured speaker at Project for Public Space’s Placemaking Week in Amsterdam on October 13th. Placemaking Week is an annual conference put on by Project for Public Spaces, a non-profit planning, design, and educational organization. The week is meant to be a “dynamic forum for attendees to develop and share concrete strategies to advance placemaking locally and globally.” 

Mike Lydon joined Nate Hommel, Director of Planning and Design at University City District in Philadelphia, Robin Abad Ocubillo, Urban Designer at the San Francisco Planning Department, and Patrick Piuma, Planning Director at the Louisville Downtown Partnership and co-founder of City Collaborative, to speak about their successes and best practices with bottom-up Tactical Urbanism projects. 

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Mike Lydon to Give Lecture at Helsinki Design Week

On Thursday, September 14th, Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon will give a keynote lecture on Tactical Urbanism at Helsinki Design Week, the largest annual design festival in the Nordic countries.

“Short-term, community-based projects – from pop-up parks to open streets initiatives – have become a powerful and adaptable new tool of urban activists, planners, and policy-makers seeking to drive lasting improvements in their cities and beyond. These quick, often low-cost, and creative projects are the essence of the Tactical Urbanism movement.”

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Street Plans to Speak to Marin County Bicycle Coalition

Street Plans’ Project Director Julie Flynn will speak to the Marin County Bicycle Coalition on Tuesday, August 1st, about the effectiveness that pilot bicycle improvements have in allaying a community’s fear of change, also known as NIMBYism (Not In My Backyard), and their ability to more quickly make safer streets. 

“Pilot projects allow cities to better understand impacts before plans are finalized. Perhaps more importantly, they enable people to reimagine streets as more than conduits for traffic. Please join MCBC in welcoming Julie Flynn to Marin to learn about her work transforming streets around the world, one pilot project at a time.”

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Street Plans at CNU 25

Street Plans will speak at two different sessions on Wednesday, May 3rd for the 25th annual Congress for the New Urbanism in Seattle.

Street Plans’ Mike Lydon, Anthony Garcia, and Julie Flynn will speak at the first session, titled “The Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Civic Engagement, Materials & Street Design.” They will talk about the latest research on Tactical Urbanism materials and design [check out our recently published Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Materials & Design here] and discuss ongoing case studies from Burlington, Vermont and Miami-Dade County. 

Street Plans’ Anthony Garcia will be one of the speakers at the second session titled “Beyond the Charrette: Connecting to Communities & Empowering Everyday Citizens.” This session acknowledges the limitations of the common charrette and will discuss various ways to broaden community engagement and allow citizens to create and experience planning concepts in real time. 

Learn more about CNU 25 here