100 RC Urban Resilience Summit

As part of our ongoing tactical resilience partnership with 100RC, Mike Lydon and Dana Wall traveled to the 2019 Urban Resilience Summit in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to lead a demonstration project as a part of the Tactical Urbanism Living Lab as one of 12 on-site conference sessions on Wednesday, July…

Better Mobility for Everyone

Street Plans Principal, Mike Lydon, keynoted an open session for a smart growth series program in Niagara Falls titled “Imagining a More Livable NF.” The program was launched to explore solutions for the future of the City of Niagara Falls centered around the built environment and the livability of the…

Street Plans Publishes Miami Opinion Piece

The New Tropic, an important community news site in Miami, recently published an article from our Project Manager, Dana Wall. The article provides an overview of recent pilot programs that have been launched in the city to test infrastructure and allow citizens to “take back their streets.” Dana also discusses…

Reclaiming Public Space

On November 8th, Principal Mike Lydon keynoted the Nashville Civic Design Center’s annual luncheon where 800 people gathered to discuss the topic of reclaiming public space. Click HERE for more details on the annual luncheon!

Commuting Through Penn Station

Senior Director, Ed Janoff, penned this op-ed for the New York Daily News about the congestion that commuters face on a daily basis at Penn Station in New York City, calling for action towards a comprehensive plan to fix this large commuting hub. Click HERE for the article!