Street Plans to Speak to Marin County Bicycle Coalition

Street Plans’ Project Director Julie Flynn will speak to the Marin County Bicycle Coalition on Tuesday, August 1st, about the effectiveness that pilot bicycle improvements have in allaying a community’s fear of change, also known as NIMBYism (Not In My Backyard), and their ability to more quickly make safer streets. 

“Pilot projects allow cities to better understand impacts before plans are finalized. Perhaps more importantly, they enable people to reimagine streets as more than conduits for traffic. Please join MCBC in welcoming Julie Flynn to Marin to learn about her work transforming streets around the world, one pilot project at a time.”

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StreetFilms’ New Video Interviews Street Plans


StreetFilms released a new video discussing the most recent trends in the Tactical Urbanism movement and interviewed Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon.

“Tired of waiting for local governments to fix dangerous conditions, in many cities everyday citizens are practicing DIY traffic-calming to make streets safer for walking and biking. Some are forming “Departments of Transformation” to show others how to implement low-cost interventions, like traffic cones, to slow drivers down.”

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Street Plans Leads Workshop and Walking Tour at 100 Resilient Cities Summit

This week was the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Global Summit held in New York City. Street Plans took part in the Summit, leading a 3 hour workshop on Tuesday with 13 cities from around the world, helping them use the incremental approach of Tactical Urbanism to implement their larger resilient city strategies. 

On Wednesday, Street Plans co-organized a “living lab” with 100 Resilient Cities, ioby, and Neighborland. We led a tour of three Brooklyn neighborhoods, highlighting the local organizations that make them more resilient. As part of the tour, we also led the group of city leaders through a 2 hour long Tactical Urbanism demonstration project in coordination with the Court/Smith BID to display how residents and community groups can quickly and cheaply add more public space in their neighborhoods. 

Street Plans’ Tactical Urbanism Session was a Favorite at APA Conference

The American Planning Association (APA) selected Street Plans’ session “Tactical Urbanism: People and Pavement” as one of the Top 10 sessions, out of more than 160, at the APA 2017 National Planning Conference (NPC) held back in May. 

The Tactical Urbanism session covered how local governments can create or alter policies to enable short-term, low-cost urban interventions. The session gave the audience practical steps and tools to create and implement a Tactical Urbanism program in their community. 

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Forbes Highlights Street Plans’ Tactical Urbanism Work

Forbes recently spoke with Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia about Street Plans’ current work in Miami–the Miami-Dade Quickbuild Program–and the importance of Tactical Urbanism as a means to sparking long-term change in communities. 

“One of our main goals is to help officials think about small-scale projects as a way of addressing our transportation needs, rather than focusing on big-ticket items,” says co-founder Tony Garcia. “You can do a lot more with smaller-size projects.”

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