The University of Nottingham Highlights Street Plans’ Tactical Resilience Work













Nearly a year ago, Street Plans worked with the City of Norfolk, 100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, ioby, and others to workshop and deliver a series of small-scale blue-green interventions. The University of Nottingham caught up to the project and shared this nice article about how cities can use short-term action to help deliver long-term change.

“As with marginal gains “theory” applied in sports, it may not be a huge volume on its own but add this up across a city and you might start getting significant savings in your infrastructure costs and considerable reduction in flood risk.” – Click HERE for the full article. 

Street Plans Creatively Engages with Residents in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset Neighborhood

Street Plans is working with Build Public to increase neighbors’ awareness of the city’s Vision Zero campaign and the formation of a Green Benefit District in the Inner Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. From April 27 to May 7, Street Plans and Build Public will be engaging with neighbors at various locations along Lincoln Way and inspiring them to take action to improve their community. Inspired by a similar traffic safety effort in Bolivia, Street Plans and Build Public wore zebra costumes to engage with residents and make sure cars stopped before the crosswalks. To learn more, check out this article.  

Street Plans at CNU 25

Street Plans will speak at two different sessions on Wednesday, May 3rd for the 25th annual Congress for the New Urbanism in Seattle.

Street Plans’ Mike Lydon, Anthony Garcia, and Julie Flynn will speak at the first session, titled “The Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Civic Engagement, Materials & Street Design.” They will talk about the latest research on Tactical Urbanism materials and design [check out our recently published Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Materials & Design here] and discuss ongoing case studies from Burlington, Vermont and Miami-Dade County. 

Street Plans’ Anthony Garcia will be one of the speakers at the second session titled “Beyond the Charrette: Connecting to Communities & Empowering Everyday Citizens.” This session acknowledges the limitations of the common charrette and will discuss various ways to broaden community engagement and allow citizens to create and experience planning concepts in real time. 

Learn more about CNU 25 here


PlanBTV Walk/Bike Master Plan Approved

PlanBTV Walk/Bike, a citywide planning effort to enhance safety and increase active mobility in Burlington, VT, was officially approved by the City Council on April 17th! With this approval, Burlington now has its first Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan and many priority projects for rapid implementation.

Now that the plan has been adopted, Street Plans will continue to work with Dubois & King and the City of Burlington’s Public Works Department to begin implementation with a series of “Quick Build” projects identified in the plan. 

Click here to download a copy of the plan. 


The Results Are in for Street Plans/Happy City’s Shore to Core Project

On January 24th, Street Plans implemented a day-long public space experiment and intervention along the waterfront in Downtown West Palm Beach. The project was funded by the Van Alen Institute and was conducted in collaboration with the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency‘s Shore to Core Initiative. The experiment was led by Happy City‘s Charles Montgomery, and in collaboration with University of Virginia Center for Design and Health‘s Dr. Jennifer Roe, PhD, Space Syntax and supported by an intervention led by Street Plans. 

The project team transformed a sparse and underutilized public space along the waterfront promenade for one day. Using theories from environmental psychology, the design was meant to create feelings of fascination and a sense of exoticism from everyday life. Art, plants, and historical images focused people’s attention on the water and its history. The team then measured the effects those interventions created on visitors’ emotions, bodies, and behavior. 

“The intervention actually caused a change in people’s behavior. This restorative environment induced people to spend more time at the site. The number of people observed in stationary activities at the site increased more than fivefold during the intervention. This is exactly what we need to see if we want to bring life to underperforming public space” says Street Plans’ own Sherryl Muriente. 

Click HERE to see the press release and HERE to view the full report on the project’s results. 

Street Plans Leads One-Day Tactical Urbanism Demonstration in Garden Grove, CA


On Saturday, April 1st, Street Plans implemented a series of Tactical Urbanism demonstration projects in Garden Grove, CA as a part of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Go Human region-wide safety and encouragement campaign. In partnership with the City of Garden Grove, GG Open Streets, and Alta Planning + Design and with the help of local volunteers, Street Plans created a temporary protected bike lane, a bike route, a neighborhood greenway, and an enhanced median island with art crosswalks.

Street Plans + Architecture Students Perform Tactical Urbanism in Monterrey


On March 10th, Street Plans Principal Mike Lydon returned to work in Monterrey, Mexico with architecture students from Tecnológico de Monterrey – Campus Monterrey and the school’s affiliated non-profit organization Distrito TEC. This was his fourth visit to work the students.

For one day, they temporarily transformed an underutilized street corner on the school’s campus to better connect the campus to the surrounding community. The project included tearing down a fence on the edge of the school, painting a temporary curb extension with seating, and activating the green space on the corner with tables, chairs, games, a food truck, live music, and art. Click HERE to read more. 

Street Plans Looks to Use Tactical Urbanism in Lower Manhattan

Street Plans and Transportation Alternatives are looking to use Tactical Urbanism demonstration projects this summer with the primary goal of creating much safer, pedestrian-friendly streets in the Financial District. Street Plans and Transportation Alternatives led a public workshop on March 2nd with residents living in the Financial District in Lower Manhattan to brainstorm ideas for how Tactical Urbanism could spark catalytic change to their streets. 

Downtown Express, the local newspaper for Lower Manhattan, published an article covering the workshop. See the full article HERE

The Final Draft of Plan BTV Walk/Bike is Now Available!










We’re excited to announce that a final draft of PlanBTV Walk/Bike has hit the streets! This document is Burlington’s first comprehensive plan for walking and biking and it has an ambitious goal: to make Burlington the best small city for walking and biking on the East Coast. Street Plans was thrilled for the opportunity to work on this project for the City of Burlington Public Works with our partners at DuBois & King, Inc.. The plan identifies priority projects for rapid implementation, so Burlington can get started improving safety right away with low-cost quick build materials! Visit the project website HERE to download a copy of the full plan. 

Street Plans Releases Tactical Urbanism Volume 5: Italy!


Street Plans is happy to announce the release of Tactical Urbanism Volume 5: Italy, our fifth open source best practices publication on Tactical Urbanism.

Tactical Urbanism Volume 5 was led by TaMaLaCà, a planning and design organization based in Sassari, Sardinia, Italy, in collaboration with Street Plans. Volume 5 shares more than a dozen examples of short-term, bottom-up, and community-minded practice taking root across Italy. 

Of specific interest in this new publication, TaMaLaCà seeks to explicitly include school-age children in the design and production of more usable public space through playful, short-term interventions.

The full guide is available to view and download in both English and Italian here and here