Street Plans and Miami-Dade DTPW Kick Off Quick-Build Program

The Miami-Dade Transportation Quick-Build Program hit a big milestone this week with the completion of the first two selected projects! On Thursday and Friday, Street Plans, joined by DTPW, Miami Realtors, the Greater Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce, Miami Shores Village, RDA Studio, Moonlighter Makerspace, and neighbors painted an asphalt mural representative of the history of the Village– a former pineapple farm. This mural defines what is now called Plaza 98, a pedestrian plaza adjacent to the Miami Theater Center that will be the site of monthly community events on the second Friday of every month between now and the spring. The plaza held its kickoff event Saturday night with local music, food vendors, and games. 
On Saturday, Street Plans took to the streets with Quick-Build Program applicant William Moose to provide wayfinding for the City of Miami Little Havana Trolley riders. The signs indicate how to transfer from the trolley to adjacent routes of transit, and will serve as identifiers for the trolley stops until the city installs its permanent route signs. The signs were also supposed to be installed for the Coral Gables Trolley, but the conversation with the City of Coral Gables is ongoing.
These two projects are the first of 18 selected as a part of the Quick-Build Program, an ongoing collaboration between Street Plans, DTPW, and nonprofit Green Mobility Network, dedicated to making it easier for citizens to make meaningful transportation improvements to their neighborhoods. Made possible by NYC-based foundation TransitCenter and The Miami Foundation, the Quick-Build Program provides funding for technical assistance and/or materials for the implementation of the selected projects.
For more information on the Quick-Build Program, and to stay up to date with upcoming projects, visit, or follow the Program on Instagram at @mdtquickbuild.
Within hours of the installation of the trolley signage, trolley riders used the Program’s hashtags to highlight the project on social media.

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon Speaks at Cornell

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon gave a talk to Cornell Planning Students, local planners, and government officials in Ithaca, NY last month about the Tactical Urbanism movement. The event was hosted by Cornell’s Department of City and Regional Planning. 

“Mike’s talk downtown really inspired folks working on the ground in Ithaca to consider using the tactical urbanism approach here,” said Thomas Knipe, Principal Planner for Tompkins County, NY. 

The Russell Van Nest Black Lectureship Fund and the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis cosponsored Lydon’s lecture.  

Click HERE to read more about his visit. 

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon Writes Chapter in New Book on Resilient Cities

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon wrote a chapter on creating Resilient Streets and Resilient Cities in a new book titled Community Resilience Reader: Essential Resources for an Era of Upheaval, published by Island Press and edited by Post Carbon Institute‘s Daniel Lerch. 

“So-called tactical resilience is the application of the tactical urbanism methodology to projects that do not just make cities better places to live, but that specifically address communities’ resilience challenges.” 

Click HERE for Mike Lydon’s excerpt, posted by Strong Towns

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon Speaks at Placemaking Week in Amsterdam

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon was a featured speaker at Project for Public Space’s Placemaking Week in Amsterdam on October 13th. Placemaking Week is an annual conference put on by Project for Public Spaces, a non-profit planning, design, and educational organization. The week is meant to be a “dynamic forum for attendees to develop and share concrete strategies to advance placemaking locally and globally.” 

Mike Lydon joined Nate Hommel, Director of Planning and Design at University City District in Philadelphia, Robin Abad Ocubillo, Urban Designer at the San Francisco Planning Department, and Patrick Piuma, Planning Director at the Louisville Downtown Partnership and co-founder of City Collaborative, to speak about their successes and best practices with bottom-up Tactical Urbanism projects. 

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Burlington’s Quick Build Program is Underway!

Burlington, VT’s Quick Build Program is underway! The City of Burlington’s Department of Public Works built the City’s first protected bike lane on Union Street on October 12-13. 

This project was first identified in the PlanBTV Walk Bike Master Plan – Burlington’s first citywide planning effort focused on active transportation. Street Plans led the creation of this master plan and, with the support of Dubois & King, was then hired by the City of Burlington Department of Public Works to develop and implement a citywide Quick Build program. The program provides an interim design approach to delivering a range of priority street design projects outlined in the PlanBTV Walk Bike Master Plan, which was recently approved by the City Council in April of 2017. 

The protected bike lane on Union Street is the first of many Quick Build projects identified in the Master Plan.

Click HERE to see more about the project. 


Street Plans Leads Public Outreach for Plan in East Cut District of San Francisco

Together with San Francisco Planning and The East Cut Community Benefit District, Street Plans is leading the public outreach strategy for the creation of the South Downtown Design and Activation Plan. The plan aims to create a comprehensive vision for the design, implementation, and stewardship of the public realm in the East Cut District of San Francisco in South Downtown. 

The project kickoff event was held at the beginning of August and interactive public outreach events and community workshops will continue through the Spring of 2018. 

Click HERE and HERE to learn more about the plan and upcoming events. 


TreeHugger Shares StreetFilm’s Video Featuring Mike Lydon

TreeHugger, one of the leading media outlets for news in sustainable living, recently wrote an article about Tactical Urbanism. The article features a StreetFilms video about Tactical Urbanism in which Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon is interviewed. 

“These groups are showing their fellow citizens innovative visual solutions to make safer streets with quick strike executions — which sometimes only last a few hours until they are removed by their government. But each week more empowered people are deciding they are fed up and joining the movement and not waiting for their agencies to act.”

Click HERE to view the article. 

Mike Lydon Gives Tactical Urbanism Lecture at Cornell

On Friday, September 8th, Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon gave a lecture to Cornell students and faculty about the Tactical Urbanism movement. 

“This exciting colloquium presentation will provide an overview of the global tactical urbanism movement supported by numerous case studies illustrating how this approach to neighborhood building and the project delivery process helps communities of all sizes make positive change happen fast.” 

Click here to see the lecture description.