Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia Interviewed about Miami Bungalow Project

Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia was recently interviewed by Cuban Art News about the Miami Bungalow Project that he is leading and how the low-cost approach of Tactical Urbanism can help preserve the character of Little Havana in Miami. 

In October of 2017, Tony was awarded the 2017-2018 CINTAS Foundation Fellowship in Architecture & Design. The mission of the CINTAS Foundation is  “to encourage artistic expression and appreciation by offering grants to artists, architects, composers and creative writers of Cuban descent living in or outside Cuba, and by making their art available to the public.”

The CINTAS Fellowship award has allowed Street Plans to carry out the Miami Bungalow Project, which “seeks to identify ways that the spirit and character of the bungalows can be preserved in their scale and relationship to the public realm, while accommodating the pressures of increased development demand.”

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Street Plans’ Biscayne Green Project Wins CNU Charter Award

The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU), an international nonprofit organization working to build more vibrant communities, announced the winners of its 17th Annual Charter Awards. This year the jury focused on winners whose “projects advanced equitable and inclusive placemaking.”

Street Plans’ Biscayne Green project received a CNU Charter Award! For three weeks, Biscayne Green transformed 101 parking spaces– two parking medians– into new public spaces, testing design ideas to inform the long-term re-design of Biscayne Boulevard in downtown Miami. 

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Street Plans Begins Outreach for Regional Complete Streets Plan in Hartford, CT

Street Plans is teaming up as a sub-consultant with Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. (FHI), to assist in the development of a Regional Complete Streets Action Plan for the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) in Hartford, CT and the surrounding municipalities. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, May 16-17, the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) is hosting a public forum to begin outreach for the development the plan. During the public forum, Street Plans will lead a walking tour and give multiple presentations about Complete Streets and Tactical Urbanism with other Complete Streets experts including Ian Lockwood from Toole Design Group and League of American Bicyclists Education Director Alison Dewey. 

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Street Plans Selected to Lead Jersey City Bicycle Master Plan

On May 9th, the Jersey City Council selected Street Plans to lead the development of the city’s first Bicycle Master Plan. 

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon is quoted in the press announcement saying: “Street Plans is thrilled to be working with Jersey City and its citizens to develop the city’s first Bike Master Plan. This is a wonderful opportunity to create an actionable blueprint for cycling, one that focuses on creating a low-stress network that appeals to people of all ages and abilities. We are very excited to get started and look forward to meeting many people in the community at the upcoming Ward Tour and other events we have planned over the coming months.”

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Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon Contributes to Sustainable Nation Book

Sustainable Nation: Urban Design Patterns for the Future is a newly published book by influential urbanist Douglas Farr, providing a detailed action-oriented framework for overcoming our society’s major climate challenges within four generations. 

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon contributed to the book by authoring a chapter on making positive neighborhood change through Tactical Urbanism. Lydon gives case studies from Street Plans’ work at the three different scales: the lot, the block, and the street. 

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Street Plans Works with City of New Orleans as part of 100 Resilient Cities Initiative

As part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities (1ooRC) initiative, Street Plans and ioby are working with the City of New Orleans to develop a policy and permitting structure that streamlines and further enables Tactical Urbanism projects. 

On April 26th, Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia gave a presentation about Tactical Urbanism best practices to city leaders and partners at the Greater New Orleans Foundation. 

Tactical Urbanism projects can be achieved with relatively simple design and a low-cost palette of materials. However, getting the details right to ensure that projects meet safety and maintenance needs while also considering issues such as emergency response vehicles/ personnel is a challenge. Street Plans is using their experience implementing demonstration projects around the country to help figure out what works and what doesn’t with regard to permitting for Tactical Urbanism projects in the City of New Orleans. 



Street Plans Looks to Improve Access to Park in Miami

No crosswalks exist to access Miami Springs Circle.

In a recent article in the Miami Herald, Street Plans’ Principal Tony Garcia expressed interest in utilizing the existing partnership with Miami-Dade County to install low-cost crosswalks and other improvements to enhance accessibility to Miami Springs Circle, a park in Miami Springs. Currently people frequently jaywalk across four lanes of traffic to get to the park because no crosswalks exist. 

Tony suggested that “instead of spending five years and millions of dollars, we get it done in months by spending thousands of dollars on low-cost materials. People won’t have to jaywalk anymore and there will be no major harmful impact on traffic flow.” 

Street Plans is currently partnering with Miami-Dade County and nonprofit Green Mobility Network through the Miami-Dade Transportation Quick-Build Program, dedicated to making it easier for citizens and municipalities to make meaningful transportation improvements to their communities through Tactical Urbanism.

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Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon Speaks at Placemaking Conference in Gloversville

Street Plans’ Principal Mike Lydon spoke at the Placemaking 101 Conference, hosted by the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth, on April 18th in Gloversville, NY. Lydon gave a presentation about Tactical Urbanism’s role in placemaking and the overall power that small-scale, low-cost interventions can have in bringing people together and catalyzing long-term change.

Lydon says that “really small interventions and little changes add up to make a big difference in a community. It allows people to physically experience a different reality today, and showcase a more positive future that signals to a lot of people in that place that things are changing in a positive direction.”

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Street Plans Hosts Community Workshop in Waldorf

Street Plans with sub-consultant Fitzgerald & Halliday (FHI), was hired by the Charles County Department of Planning and Growth Management to produce the Waldorf Urban Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Analysis. The project will produce a bicycle and pedestrian connectivity analysis and prioritization plan to better link the Waldorf urban area and its many destinations.

The eight-month project began in November 2017 and will conclude at the end of May 2018. The project team recently held a Community Workshop on April 4th, 2018 that included a presentation, interactive mapping, and roundtable discussion to gather public feedback for ways to make the Waldorf urban area more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.  

Street Plans Wins CNU New England Award for Innovative Engagement

Street Plans, along with the City of Burlington Public Works and Dubois & King, was awarded the CNU New England Award for Innovative Engagement for the Plan BTV Walk/Bike Master Plan in Burlington, VT. Each year CNU New England, the regional chapter of Congress for the New Urbanism, honors regional planning projects through their Urbanism Awards. “Winning projects represent major contributions to building more equitable, sustainable, connected, healthy, and prosperous communities.” 

The PlanBTV Walk/Bike Master Plan is Burlington’s first comprehensive plan for active transport. The 10-year plan was initiated in April of 2015 and unanimously adopted by Burlington’s City Council in March 2017. Hired by the City of Burlington Public Works, Street Plans worked with Dubois & King to lead the public engagement and production of the 10-year master plan.

Public engagement included social media feeds, an interactive project website, Handlebar and Walkabout Surveys, the transformation of a vacant lot into a public meeting space, and two Tactical Urbanism demonstration projects to illustrate possibilities for better bike and pedestrian infrastructure using temporary and low-cost materials. Lessons learned from the Tactical Urbanism projects also helped inform the final Citizen-Led Demonstration Project Policy + Guide, a supplementary policy framework that Street Plans created to allow citizens to propose and legally implement one to seven day demonstration projects.