Tactical Urbanism Projects

Biscayne Green Pilot Project

Miami, FL

Biscayne Green was a three-week transformation of two parking medians along Biscayne Boulevard in Downtown Miami, FL. One parking median became a new pedestrian plaza, programmed with dance, music, and vendor events, while the other was comprised of a new playground, dog park, lawn, and seating terrace. The pilot project also included a dedicated bus and bike lane, and a new on-street parallel parking lane.

Shore to Core West Palm Beach Demonstration Project

West Palm Beach, FL

On January 24th, Street Plans implemented a day-long intervention along the waterfront in Downtown West Palm Beach. The project measured participants’ neurological responses to experiencing the pop-up space. The data will help reveal the possible wellness benefits of well-designed urban spaces, and inform how urban design affects the minds and bodies of those who move throughout it. Click here for more. 

SCAG Go Human Demonstration Project

Cudahy, CA

On Saturday, December 3rd, Street Plans implemented a demonstration project as a part of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Go Human region-wide safety and encouragement campaign in Cudahy, California, which featured a temporary protected bike lane, a pop-up traffic circle,  and sidewalk extensions. 

Greenbelt Alliance Demonstration Projects

San Jose, CA

The Greenbelt Alliance hired Street Plans to lead two Tactical Urbanism Demonstration Projects in the West San Carlos and South Bascom Urban Villages of San Jose. The first project was a two day demonstration project to improve bike infrastructure along Scott Street. The following project was a temporary "makeover" of a long-neglected alley. Click here for more. 

Islington Street Demonstration Projects

Portsmouth, NH

Together with PS21 (a local advocacy group), the City of Portsmouth, and many volunteers, Street Plans guided an effort to temporarily transform a block of Islington Street for four days. The goal was to show Portsmouth the change that is possible on their streets, increase civic engagement, and improve the safety and walkability of the area. Click here for more. 

Complete Streets Demonstration Project

Morgan Hill, CA

Monterey Road is a walkable commercial corridor in downtown Morgan Hill. As part of a Complete Streets redesign of the roadway, Street Plans worked with Alta Planning + Design and the Morgan Hill Downtown Association to produce a weekend-long demonstration project that illustrated the two potential alternatives - one on each side of the street. Click here for more. 

Lifelong Communities Demonstration Project

Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) hired Street Plans to lead a demonstration project that temporarily transformed 3 blocks of Auburn Avenue in Atlanta’s Historic Old 4th Ward neighborhood into a model Lifelong Community – a healthy, walkable place with housing, transportation and service options for people of all ages. Click here for more. 

PlanBTV Walk Bike Demonstration Projects

Burlington, VT

Together with DuBois & King, Streets Plans is leading Plan BTV Walk Bike - the citywide bike and pedestrian master plan for Burlington, VT. As part of the project, Street Plans worked with local stakeholders to create Tactical Urbanism “demonstration projects” that illustrated possibilities for better bike and pedestrian infrastructure. Click here for more. 

Placemaking Master Plan Temporary Park  

Penrith, Australia 

Street Plans worked with the Sydney-based consultancy Place Partners to integrate Tactical Urbanism into the implementation process for the High Street Master Plan. The goal was to work with businesses and community members to quickly design and deliver a temporary public park that would be in place for a one year trial period. Click here for more. 

BikeNWA Pilot Projects  

Bella Vista, Rogers, & Bentonville, AR

With financial support from the Walton Family Foundation and in partnership with the Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks, Street Plans was hired by the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission to work with the cities of Bentonville, Bella Vista, and Rogers to create a series of month-long bikeway pilot projects. Click here for more.