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Public Engagement
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Master Plans
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Pedestrian Pilot Projects
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Bicycle Pilot Projects
Public Space Activation
Public Space Activation
Check out our latest research project. In collaboration with the Transportation Research Board, Street Plans recently completed an eight-month research effort into Tactical Transit projects in North America.
Tactical Urbanism Projects
Through the publication of six open-source guides and one full-length book, we have become the progenitors and stewards of the Tactical Urbanism movement.
Street Plans Principals and staff have delivered over 350 lectures, keynotes, and workshops around the world. Our lectures and workshops typically focus on Placemaking, Tactical Urbanism, smart growth, active transportation, and urban design. We present...
Open House for Hudson Connects
Street Plans hosted the second community workshop for the Hudson Connects Implementation Plan. Key projects were selected with help from community members to test as temporary projects during the first week of October
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Tactical Urbanism as a Tool for Equity?
Principals Tony Garcia and Mike Lydon were interviewed by Streetsblog USA on how recent events have sparked new conversations around equity in the application of the Tactical Urbanism methodology.
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Tactical Urbanism Article Published
Principal Tony Garcia was cited in a an article by California Planning & Development Report titled COVID Crisis Revives Debate About How Public Space Is Used. Tony describes how the Tactical Urbanism methodology can help tackle physical distancing.
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The Monocle Minute
Street Plans Principal Mike Lydon was cited in The Monocle Minute newsletter on the Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery guide that synthesizes emerging practices in transportation and street design.
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Open Streets for Small Businesses
Mike Lydon was quoted in this CNN Business article about the need to configure our streets to support walking, biking, and high-frequency transit to aid in the country's economic recovery. Read more in our Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery guide.
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The War on Cars Interview
Mike Lydon joined The War on Cars podcast to talk about the positive changes that have resulted from the spacial reallocation of our streets during the COVID pandemic. He thinks that cities can start looking at ways to make some changes permanent.
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Streets for Pandemic Response & Recovery
Street Plans collaborated on a resource that aggregates and synthesizes emerging practices in transportation and street design in response to the impacts of COVID-19.
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Complete Streets responses to COVID-19
Mike Lydon appeared on a webinar for Smart Growth America about community responses to COVID-19 through Complete Streets and other transportation initiatives.
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